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Cain Callahan
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The Preacher Man: Cain Abraham Callahan
Cain is an odd blend of bad attitude and pure spirit. At his core, he's a man with a strong set of morals, a heart capable of loving fiercely, and a steadfast devotion to his faith. Most of the time, however, it's hard to find under his perpetually cross scowl. Curt, abraisive, and otherwise harsh, his short fuse, impatience, and too-blunt sense of honesty make him difficult to approach. His sour attitude has earned him more enemies than friends, but those who get close enough find that, for all his thorns, Cain is an extremely lovable man.

Of Cain's greatest faults, his weakness is his temper...for most of his life, Cain's had problems dealing with anger. Violence and physical activity are his favorite outlets, and when he's on a hunt, it's one of his safest. He does, however, have a tendency to get himself into trouble. Among his lesser faults, Cain thrives on a rather outlandish sense of deadpan humor that seems at odds with his gruff personality to those who don't know him. Driven and dedicated, he's something of a workaholic...in his line of work, that's what you call saving lives.
Abe: The Pilgrimage
Born Cain Abrams in Detroit, Michigan, Cain started life as a low-life well on his way. Born to a junkie mother, his father was a street thug that was murdered by the time Cain was two. Starting with vandalism, petty theft, and bullying his peers as a child, by the time he entered his teen years he was well on his way with a habit of his own, dealing on the side, and making friends with local gangs. His saving grace came in the form of his biological mother's death when Cain was fifteen. A ward of the state, he entered the home of Felicia Callahan, a foster care provider with a reputation for turning around the worst cases Social Services threw her way.

He came expecting Hell, and that's just what he got...but at the end of the gauntlet, he also found a family.

Under Felicia's no-nonsense rule, Cain ended up getting clean and sober, doing better in school, and willingly staying out of trouble. More than once, Felicia asked Cain about adoption, but was refused. Just before his eighteenth birthday, however, he finally agreed and allowed her to legally adopt him, changing his name to Cain Abraham Callahan. Buoyed by improved academic performance and inspired by her gift of GRAY'S ANATOMY on his sixteenth birthday, Cain continued his academic pursuits and set his sights on a medical degree.

Bound for John Hopkins, his plans changed when Felicia took on another particularly problematic foster charge named Julius Lowell. Changing his choice of schools from Hopkins to the more local Wayne State, he spared no expense in trying to help Felicia turn the younger boy around, just as she'd done for him. Earning himself a wealth of new scars and a little more trouble with the authorities while protecting him, their work paid off as Julius found his way, and ultimately found his way into the folds of the family. Later on, after Cain graduated and began his residency, he teamed up with his new younger brother to help Felicia's next problem child, and his future sibling: a fourteen year old abuse victim named Valkyrie Prescott.
The Hunt Begins
Life ended and began the night Cain received a panicked call from his baby sister, Valkyrie, during a late shift in the ER. Having since moved out of the house, Cain went home as fast as he could, surprised to find his younger brother there as well.

Both Cain and Julius were devastated to find the house ablaze and their mother dead.

Finding that Valkyrie had escaped the fire, they listened to the story the cops refused to believe: that she'd come home from grocery shopping to find her mother pinned to the ceiling above her bed, bleeding from a belly wound seconds before she burst into flame. Her brothers were a little more trusting, and as such, did their homework as the trio settled Felicia's affairs and buried her.

When they realized the truth of what had happened to their mother, the world lost sight of them. Pulling up roots, they took to the road in search of revenge against the monster that had killed the only woman that had ever believed in any of them.
The Road Traveled
For just under two years, Cain and his siblings stalked the demon that killed their mother, as well as whatever monster crossed their path. Life, however, took a strange turn when the trio encountered another hunting family far different from their own, a man named Max Carter...and a woman that would change Cain's life.

Baileigh Solis was more than just a Slayer...she was vivacious, perky, sensitive, and beautiful...everything Cain wasn't, and everything Cain didn't feel he deserved. They bickered, fought, rubbed each other the wrong way...and yet, found a strange magnetism that drew them together.

Then Cain stole one of her kills...and opposites did more than attract, they exploded.

A tempestuous one night stand soon developed into a serious relationship. As the Callahans traveled their usual routes, dealing with jobs and searching for their quarry, Cain worked to maintain a long-distance relationship as Baileigh remained in Corpus Christi, hunting vampires and working locally. Cain soon joined her, however, when he was located by his daughter, Henrietta "Hank" Callahan.

Over the course of several months, Cain settled his affairs and Hank's, legally gaining custody of his sixteen year old daughter while trying to integrate her into his family. A botched marriage proposal put his relationship on the rocks for a time as he and his family settled in Corpus Christi so Hank could continue with school. With a little nudging from his daughter and a second attempt, however, Cain not only smoothed things over with Baileigh, but found himself engaged to be married.
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